foc ministries  
foc ministries
    Milestones of the Ministry
1989 - Accepting Jesus as personal Savior (May,11)
1999 - Lord's Call for ministry (December, 30)
1999 - Resignation to Job and decision do part-time ministry (Dec. 31)
2000 - Full-time ministry (Februay)
2001 - Journey to Vizianagaram field ( February,28)
2001 - Started public Gospel meetings in the town
2001 - Initiated Community Health care programs
2002 - Constructed thatched house for 'City Church' at Vizianagaram town
2003 - Planted a Church at Korlam village
2004 - Initiated Socio-economic programs for poor (Financial support to poor widows and poor students and prisoners' families; literacy program in slum areas; soft-loans to economic poor etc.,)
2004   Started 'Prison Ministry'
2005   Started 'Out-reach Ministry' in rural and tribal areas
2006   Started observing 'Global Day of Prayer' in the town
2007   Attended 'International Convocation on Prison Ministry' in Canada
2008   Preaching Gospel in USA, on special invitation
2008   Initiated ministry and literacy program in Tribal areas
2009   Constructed permanent building for 'City Church'
2009   Imitated ministry among Eunuchs
2009   Started 'Music Ministry' – Shakinah Melodies (CD &DVDs)
2010   Started 'School of Evangelism' (Bible School)
2011   Published Devotional songs book for worship and other programs
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