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People suffering in the hospital undergo various phases physically, medically and emotionally. While the physical pain is bearable, what drives them mad is the emotional agony. It comes in various shapes and sizes. Depression, discouragement, fear and uncertainty constantly prevail in their lives. While some patients have visitors some do not have any. Thought of no returning to their home drives them mad. This is the condition where any visitor to a patient is well invited.


It is to these that we minister. We visit each patient and pray with them. We encourage them with words of comfort and give hope. Words like when you will be cured and will go home? encourage them very much. We give them fruits, bread and clothes in few cases. We pray for them and assure them of our continued prayers.


We share the word of god and give them the message of hope and love.




* Avoiding surgeries for lack of financial support

* Inability to buy medicines for the treatment

* Lack of proper or healthy diet for lack of money

* Need to take care and support their children and women who become orphans and widows


Our Team's Specialty

We go in a group to each ward and split into a twos and visit each patient. We listen to what they have to say and then counsel and share the Word of God and pray for them.

Seniors or people with a deeper passion visit the burns ward and AIDS patients.

Our Passion for the Hospital Ministry

We are passionate about this hospital ministry because this is the ministry that was always close to the heart of Jesus Christ.

Incidents in Jesus' Life:

1. Jesus loves to heal the sick.

2. Jesus healed a 38 years old sick person

3. Jesus said that He was not visited when He was sick

4. Fervent prayer heals the sick (James 5:15)

5. If there is sick among you, apply oil and pray for them


Apart from visiting patients in the hospitals, we also conduct medical camps in tribal and in interior villages where there is no hospital and medical facilities. We conduct medical camps for all types of sick people but especially for the women who are pregnant and have Gynaec problems, for the eye diseases, orthopedic problems and other general sickness.

We give medicine to all the necessary people, doing cataract surgeries and also we give them awareness regarding good hygiene, good sanitary habits and how to prevent few diseases like cholera, typhoid, cerebral malaria, elephantiasis etc.


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